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Friday, November 17, 2006

Swap Info

This page is intended to help my swap partners get a sense of who I am. Keep in mind, these are general guidelines -- don't be afraid to surprise me if you have a wonderful, wacky idea!

Name: Tracy Puhl
Birthday: July 29, 1986
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Occupation: full-time student, part-time job coach for adults with developmental disabilities

How I spend my days: Crafting, obviously. I also like to read, listen to NPR, have coffee with my best friend, shop (it's shameful), visit my parents, watch movies whilst canoodling with my partner, eat delicious food, bake, and waste my time on the internet.

Pets: Many. One dog, four cats, three chickens, a hamster, some fish. Please ask questions about them; I love to talk about my animal companions as though they were my children.

Crafts: Jewelry, needle-felting, bookbinding, ATCs, embroidery, cross-stitch, knitting, spinning with a drop spindle, wet-felting, some sewing, quilting, shrinky dinks, kanzashi flowers, koolaid/wiltons dyeing, some polymer clay, random paper crafts.

I would like to learn: screenprinting, fabric-dyeing/batik, punchneedle embroidery, crochet, how to use my spinning wheel!

Symbols/themes I tend to like: nature (trees, leaves, flowers, etc), animals (birds, cats, forest-y animals), kitschy country-style things (chickens!), vintage themes (think antique, 1920s - 1950s, *not* "retro" or 80s)

Colors: My favorite colors are green, red, blue, and brown. I tend to wear a lot of those colors, plus white, gray, and black. I don't like loud primary colors, anything garish, or neon, although I do like colors that are vivid. My favorite shades tend to be somewhat "earthy" (cranberry red rather than fire-engine red, for example) and I really like the combination of sage green and red-orange. I also like brown and turquoise together.

Style: I am almost always wearing a cardigan/sweater over a tank top. For the most part, I wear solid colors, although I do like some patterns and stripes. I wear skirts frequently (with tights in the winter) but I like them to be at least down to my knees. I like shirts that are long; I'm tall and don't like showing my midriff. I like things that are pretty, but not too girly. I don't like to dress "punk." I like to look cute, but I have to be comfortable.

Sizing: Please contact me for measurements since I have no idea which ones are useful to people. In general, I wear a women's medium in shirts. I like shirts that are fitted and somewhat long. I'm 5'9 and 140 lbs.

Hair: I have short hair that seems to always be trying to grow into a mullet. I wear headbands and hairclips, but don't need any right now.

Jewelry: I wear earrings and necklaces. Occasionally I wear bracelets, but they tend to get in my way. I have a lot of pendant necklaces, so something different would be nice. I like earrings that are long and dangly, but I would also love some cute post earrings. I don't have any metal allergies, but sometimes cheaper/thicker metals make my ears itch. I have two earring holders, but I honestly kind of need another one!

Bags: I don't really need any more bags right now, unless they're specific-type bags, if that makes sense. For example, I could use a bag made specifically for carrying my knitting, but not a random purse.

Artist: Nikki McClure
TV shows: Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, The Wire
Musicians: Regina Spektor, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, M Ward, Mirah
Books: Life of Pi, The Chosen, To Kill a Mockingbird, Nine Stories, Everything is Illuminated
Scents: Jasmine, Green Tea, French Vanilla, Citrus-y scents, Woods-y scents
Food: Chocolate, Mexican food, Italian food, Coffee

Things of which I have too many:
trinket boxes, hair clips, headbands, random bags

In general, I prefer to receive things that are useful in some way, although I do enjoy receiving art from others. I don't like knick-knacks, mostly because I hate to dust. Thank you for reading this post! I hope it helped some, and I'll try to keep it updated as I think of things. For more inspiration, check out my wists!

Here's my wishlist as of April 8, 2007:

1. A skirt. I'd love a long, lightweight skirt for summer.
2. An 8" block or two for my craftster quilt!
5. Pajama pants (not flannel -- something light for summer)

1. Amigurumi modeled after either my dog (Moses) or cats (MaryLou or Rusty).
2. Socks! Preferably in sort of muted colors, like gray, dark red, tan, cream, etc.
3. Leg warmers!
4. A crocheted wrap/shawl.

1. Craft books or magazines! I'll take pretty much anything (including gardening related stuff) -- but ESPECIALLY knitting books! No crochet, though.
2. Knitting supplies. I'm totally addicted. Needles, yarn! (anything but yucky-feeling acrylics), patterns, stitchmarkers, row counter, etc.
3. Rubber stamping supplies: stamps, clear stamps/blocks, ink pads (check with me about colors), embossing powder, heating tool (I can dream, right?)
4. Anything to help me get started with encaustics. Beeswax, tools, etc. Gently used supplies are fine as long as they're still in good shape.
5. Fibers for spinning.
6. A niddy noddy! Handmade, used, whatever, as long as it's in decent shape.

1. Anything made with PMC; especially a crane necklace or rosebud post earrings.
2. An embellished shirt. I wear cardigans a lot, so a tank with beading or embroidery around the neckline would be perfect.
3. I really need a new swap journal! There are some in my wists that I like.
4. A handbound book with pockets for ATCs -- there are a few in my wists for inspiration!

About me: I'm a 20 year old college student in Portland, Oregon. I'm a part-time job coach for adults with developmental disabilities, and I can truthfully say that I love my job. I'm considering going on to get an MSW, but I think it would cut into my crafting time. I love nature, animals, and things that are eco-friendly and socially progressive. I don't like flashy or garish things and my favorite colors tend to be somewhat earthy shades. I like vintage/antique things (1920s - 1950s) but I also like fabric in fun modern prints.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent me wonderful handcrafted items in the mail and thank YOU for reading my list!